Where To Bike Ride in Amsterdam (to avoid the busy roads)

Where To Bike Ride in Amsterdam (to avoid the busy roads)

Firstly, the best company to hire bikes from are MacBike. You will see people riding these bikes all over Amsterdam, they’re great and I felt very safe on mine. They have all kinds of prices for different lengths of time and different types of bike. Ours cost €7.50 for an hour for a bike with hand brakes. Click here to see the other options and rates.

We found that an hour was the perfect amount of time for riding around Vondel Park, we chose the LEIDSEPLEIN MacBike store (closest to one of the entrances to Vondel Park) because we wanted to avoid the roads as much as possible not all of us were confident enough – you will see how extremely busy the roads and bike lanes can get! You can also do guided tours through Mac Bike.


Vondel Park is huge at 47 hectares, so there is PLENTY of space to ride around with lots of little pathways, lakes and bridges all over the place. The scenery is very picturesque and I found it a beautiful place to cycle around – we had a lot of fun. Watch my Go Pro Video below!

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