Remedy Mornings with London Remedy

Remedy Mornings with London Remedy

On Saturday 9th September I attended London Remedy’s first Remedy Morning, which included Meditation, Massage, Vegan Brunch, ‘Flower Therapy’ and Prosecco!

The reason behind the idea was so that attendees can escape the hustle and bustle of the city and enter an oasis of chill (held at a lovely venue, 10 Cable Street). It really is the best way to start your Saturday; great for meditation experts or even those who are new to the world of wellness, the organisers were there to help.

Details of the morning:

  • Tickets: £23.95
  • Arrival: 11am
  • Turmeric ‘Golden Latte’ on arrival
  • 30 minute sit down guided meditation and some massage
  • Brunch; including – Avocado Toasts with chia and chilli, blackberry bircher parfait, vegan banana bread with almond butter, oaty yoghurt pots, fruit salad, vegan cake made by Fashionably Cake, cucumber water, jars kombucha, sandows cold brew coffee.
  • Jam jar flower arranging and Prosecco
  • Goodie bags filled with healthy tasty treats
  • Finish: 2pm

It was everything I hoped it would be, a relaxing start to a busy weekend in London with lovely company. What a great way to meet likeminded people, eat delicious healthy food and start your weekend in a positive, peaceful and mindful way.

I hope to see London Remedy put on more mindfulness events in London in the future, I will definitely be attending again. If you are a fan of meditation and improving wellness then I recommend you do too!

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