My Weekend Away in Paris (on a budget)

My Weekend Away in Paris (on a budget)

So earlier this year a few of my friends and I decided we wanted to go to Paris for a long weekend. It seemed like the ideal trip, although somehow, without realising, we ended up booking it over Valentines day. NOT the ideal trip for four single girls! Jetting off to the ‘City of Love’ with your three best mates but then being surrounded by loved up couples while all we wanted to do was get drunk and go to Disney. Well that’s how we’d originally imagined it when we realised we’d be there over Valentines  – but it wasn’t actually like that at all. IT WAS SO MUCH FUN.

We didn’t have LOADS of money to spend so we decided to pick the few important activities and then do some free stuff! Here are my highlights and a few tips:


If you are travelling from London I would highly recommend getting the Eurostar – our return train cost us around £80 and only takes just over 2 hours to get right into the centre of the city. Although you can get plane tickets for much cheaper nowadays – this option lacks the convenience of the Eurostar – flying can take up to double the amount of time if you take into consideration airport waiting times and travel from Paris airport to the city. REMEMBER: you can also get the Eurostar to Disneyland Paris as well.



There are countless hostels to choose from within Paris I would 100% recommend staying in St. Christopher’s Inn Gard du Nord – a 2 minute walk from the Eurostar station, so is conveniently located. The rooms are cheap and clean and the hostel has its own bar and club for a great night out with not far to walk back to your bed! The staff are lovely, helpful and will treat you like a friend. They have detailed instructions/directions at the reception desk that explain how to get to every popular tourist attraction on the metro – this was a life saver for us! During our visit the club in the hostel held a full moon party and we ended up partying until the early hours. The bar was busy every night and we loved the atmosphere – perfect for meeting other young travellers.



Most of us had already visited and been up the Eiffel Tower before during the day time so we decided to do it on our first evening. It was reasonably priced (around €14) and the views were beautiful in the dark despite the wind and rain! (Try to check the weather forecast before you go). The Parisian Skyline was incredible. We were lucky to go in February because they still had the ice rink on the 1st floor from Christmas time 😀 which is free to use so just collect your skates from the staff and enjoy; you can also request songs to be played from the speakers. This was the highlight of our evening as it felt so magical and was totally unexpected.





I know Disney isn’t everyones cup of tea but I personally think it is a MUST if you’re heading to Paris, I am a huge Disney geek and find Disneyland the most magical place in the world. (Honestly though you can’t knock it till you’ve tried it!) I would recommend making sure you book tickets in advance to avoid paying ridiculous prices. We bought the 1 Day/2 parks ticket from Attraction Tickets Direct for just €43 each which allowed us to hop between both parks in one day, we did struggle to go on all the rides that we wanted so if you want to experience in full I would recommend getting the two day ticket. REMEMBER: try to make the most of fast pass times because there are certain rides that can have up to 2 hour long queues and can waste a LOT of your day. Also, don’t miss the parade it is MAGICAL!



Absolutely breathtaking! Technically free to enter but they do ask for a donation, a few euros is fine and definitely worth it. I always love to visit cathedrals and churched when on holiday, it is somewhere I like to find peace and light candles for the loved ones I have lost. The candles in the Notre Dame are beautiful, for a small donation I lit one and said a prayer for my loved ones.




Visit The Louvre museum for free and enjoy some of the worlds most famous pieces of art including The Mona Lisa. The building itself was stunning and amazing to walk around. TIP: If you are a lover of art make sure you allow your self more than an hour to take it all in!



For many the Moulin Rouge is the first thing that springs to mind when thinking of visiting Paris – it is such an iconic show; the amazing costumes, sequins, tall leggy men and women. It has always been something I wanted to experience and tick off my bucket list however, unfortunately for me it was a bit of a let down, the show itself felt outdated and lacking of energy. Personally I would say it is overrated and the prices are a little too high; we bought the cheapest ticket available which cost us around €98 each which included half a bottle of prosecco. TIP: remember to take extra layers as the theatre is FREEZING!



Overall we had a busy, jam-packed few days and we loved every minute of it! We used the metro to get around during the day and Uber to travel around together at night (cheap and safe). If I went back I would make sure I had more sleep, partied slightly less and was able to wake up early enough to see more sights 😛 Oh, and make sure you try some proper Parisian food (check out the Snails I ate):


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