Gong Meditation/Sound Bath at The Well Garden Hackney

Gong Meditation/Sound Bath at The Well Garden Hackney

Since the New Year I have been concentrating on improving my mental health and mindfulness. Meditation has worked wonders for my wellness – I would recommend it to anyone who may suffer from sleep deprivation, stress, anxiety, depression etc or even those who just want to take time out to relax.

I recently attended my first Sound Bath/Gong Meditation at The Well Garden in Hackney, London; a meditation class focusing on just sound. (Duration: 1 hour and Cost: £15). The brainwaves that are present during deep meditation and hypnosis are considered to be the gateway to the subconscious mind where we experience increased creativity and heightened imagination; you can be taken on an intense journey so be sure to relax and enjoy it.


The room is filled with the sounds of gongs and other instruments known for their vibratory healing frequencies, this gives you a sense of released tension and peace. The class is spent laying down with a pillow for your head and knees and your back flat on the floor. Your eyes are covered with a lavender pillow to help with relaxation and to enhance your hearing, as well as a blanket because the body temperature can change while you’re in deep relaxation.

I left the class feeling open, peaceful and rejuvenated, it was a great new experience and I can’t wait to attend my next one! If you are curious, I say give it a try and you’ll be positively surprised by the effects.

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