Exploring Secret Devon Coastal Walks and Beaches

Exploring Secret Devon Coastal Walks and Beaches

Devon and London are two of my favourite places in the world and I’m lucky enough to have lived in both – both are beautiful in completely opposite ways. Now that I live in London I don’t get the chance to go home to Devon as often as I’d like. It is easy to get caught up in the fast paced lifestyle that is London but last week I was lucky enough to go back to the countryside for a couple of days to see family and friends.




The contrast between the constant hustle and bustle of London and the tranquil, easy going Devonshire countryside is immense. To look out of my bedroom window and see just fields for miles is something I never thought i’d miss growing up – and at night you can ACTUALLY see the stars!


I was visiting Devon during the week so most people were at work during the day time. Luckily my oldest friend Gabriella Antonia (visit her blog its awesome) was free in the afternoon and we decided to go for a long walk across the cliffs down to the sea front.



We walked through fields and along streams towards Abbotsham Cliffs until we reached steps down to a private area of the famous pebbled beach that Abbotsham/Westward Ho/ Northam are all known for. The sun was shining and although it was the middle of winter, it was lovely to breathe the fresh air and therapeutic to take in so much beauty and nature as opposed to the concrete jungle I have now gotten so used to. Taking in natural beauty is refreshing and good for the soul – i definitely felt much more mindful afterwards.




I wish I had been doing this for longer when visiting home, I sometimes take for granted how lucky I was to grow up so close to so many amazing beaches, coastal walks and public footpaths. In the summer people will travel up to 6 hours to get to something that I’ve had right on my doorstep since I was born.




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