Day Trip to Nusa Penida Island, Bali

Day Trip to Nusa Penida Island, Bali

Nusa Penida is a beautiful small island just a short ferry ride from Sanur in Bali, Indonesia – with fewer tourists than the popular Gili Islands and Nusa Lembongan. If you want to explore the whole island it is advised to stay over night however we hired a taxi for a day and saw as much as possible. Make sure you visit soon before it gets too touristy – it is currently in an untouched, authentic, natural state with almost no western influence or culture; be prepared for the rustic charm, scenic green jungle and broken roads driven mainly by scooters and very few cars.


A ferry ticket from Sanur to Nusa Penida will include a taxi pick up from most locations in Bali to the ferry port, we had already planned to stay in Sanur the evening before to make this easier and less of an early morning. Our taxi came at 7.30am and took us to get the ferry. Tickets cost 450,000 rupiah return (around £24).

The first ferry was 8.30am and took 45 minutes to arrive at Nusa Penida. The last ferry back to Sanur was 3.30pm (not a huge amount of time to explore, if you have the time I would recommend staying for one night so you’re not rushed)!

When we arrived on the island we hired a driver for the day – there were drivers waiting by the harbour so very easy to organise! We agreed on 500,000 rupiah for the day (around £26 split between 5 of us) to take us to a few places we wanted to see!



Angels Billabong and Broken Beach

– It took about an hour on very rocky roads to reach our first stop. I wouldn’t recommend hiring a scooter as the roads are so uneven – only the locals are used to roads in such a condition!

Angels Billabong – A naturally formed infinity pool in the rocks on the cliff makes for an amazing view and photo opportunity. Unfortunately you are not able to swim in it as the waves get huge in this area!

Broken beach – a naturally formed arch way in the cliff that makes an entrance to a beach. It is in the same area as angels billabong so we were able to tick two sites off at once. You cannot get down to the beach but it is beautiful to see from above.

Crystal Bay

– about an hour drive from Angels Billabong, the perfect spot for snorkelling and so picturesque! Clear blue sea and hundreds of huge palm trees, what more could you want? Perfect for an afternoon of snorkelling/swimming.

There were a few more things we would’ve liked to see but unfortunately didn’t have the time (such as Manta Point and Atuh Beach). However, we definitely felt like we had experienced the main sites of Nusa Penida – hopefully one day we can go back and see the rest before it gets too touristy! I would definitely recommend a visit to Nusa Penida while you’re visiting Bali, is was stunning and untouched – something I always look for when travelling!

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